James' Bloody Mary Recipe

Hi there

Here’s our recipe for the Bloody Mary Mix that we did this weekend.

We served our own version of this, mixing Nigori, beer and a few (ahem) garnishes

Thanks Kate and Darrel for their photography. I forgot to take a snapshot

James’ Bloody Mary 3 oz Nigori Sake 3 oz Beer (I like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Negro Modelo for this) 1 ea Thick cut uncured bacon, rubbed with brown sugar, cayenne and black pepper, 1 ea hot sweet pepper (of your choice) 1 ea dill pickle 1 ea okra cured with smoked paprika 1 ea tempura shrimp 1 ea lime wedge Old Bay Seasoning Mixed Olives 6-8oz of Bloody Mary Mix (below)

Assembly : A. Rub the lime wedge around the rim of the glass B. Dip in old bay seasoning C. Add beer, then sake, then pour the mix over (this is important as it will dilute better) D. Add garnishes and serve.

James’ Bloody Mary Mix 3 lb very ripe tomatoes / heirloom tomatoes 1 oz capers 2 ea red jalapenos 1/4 cup fish sauce 2 fl oz red wine vinegar 2-3 oz grated horseradish, some like more 1 tsp Aleppo pepper flakes (or plain chili flakes) 4-10g of cayenne (depending upon your taste) 3 g Celery Seed 3 g Black Pepper, freshly ground 2.5 fl oz worchestershire sauce (L&P only) 3 oz Yuzu lemon juice (or plain lemon juice) 3 tbs freshly chopped parsley 5 ea sage leaves, freshly minced

  1. Rice the tomatoes through a food mill.
  2. In a blender, combine capers, jalapeños and milled tomatoes If you prefer, you can use Pomi strained tomatoes
  3. Combine the remainder of the ingredients and adjust seasoning if needed +/- horseradish +/- cayenne +/- lemon juice - I like a little more lemony flavor when using beer/sake but less if using vodka (due to dilution and efficacy of the vodka…) +/- cayenne if you like more heat

Champagne Brunch

We poured 286 free glasses of champagne and mimosas this Mother’s day. I’m hoping all you magical beings had a great time!

To Poutine or not to Poutine

Poutine with mozzarella curd

Poutine with mozzarella curd

To Poutine or not to Poutine  That is the question
Whether 'tis nobler in the belly to suffer
The fries and cheese curds of this outrageous dish
Or to take arms against a sea of short rib truffle gravy,
And, by opposing, SNARF them. To digest, to sleep-
No more-and by a sleep to say we end
The heartburn and the thousands (of) naturally good calories
That beef short rib is heir to - 'ts my consuming (of said dish)
Devoutly to be wished. To die-gest, to sleep-
To sleep, perchance to dream of dreamy, dreamy cheese,
Aye. There's a spice rub on that short rib