We believe that the best food on earth starts with ingredients.  It does not have to be expensive nor it does not have to be rare.  What it has to be, is best tasting.  Beauty, for us chefs, is in the hard earned work of curating the best timed fruits of the earth.  As Thomas Keller has inspired us, we choose to "elevate the common with excellent technique brought to bear."

We want to celebrate dining together.  Where all the hard work is put forth and enjoyed by any.  We feel that dining is not a solitary endeavor but something that is shared, nurtured and savored with our loved ones.

We carefully select those select few ingredients that are best eaten NOW and serve it with the love and honor that fabulous ingredients deserve.

We strongly believe on real food that is cleanly prepared, without any additives and only use complements that are naturally occurring.  Our mantra is that food that tastes good also must be good for you (yes, even butter!)

Our focus is on menus is more on the sides, the interesting bits, the more-ish parts of a meal that often is underserved.  We are sure you will ask for a little more vegetable, a little more chutney, a little more chimichurri or a little more something else when you dine with us.

All our daily changing menus are served family style for everyone to enjoy together.

Simply, Brasserie Communataire means "Community"