We offer all our local wines by the glass to celebrate the diversity that our region provides.  Each wine has a unique place in our portfolio as it showcases the variety and diversity in this growing region.   Some of the varietals not normally associated with Central Coast, like the Malbec and Tempranillo grapes make an astounding presence on our list. 

Each local wine is featured at a straight price of $10 per glass and $37 per bottle, reducing the decision fatigue and the necessity to choose by any other criteria other than what you want to drink.  We encourage discovery of our local wines

We have a limited, by reservation only, wine tasting every other Saturday 4-5pm at our restaurant, where we feature some new wines and some favorites, along with a few bites.  Please reach out to james@brasseriecommunautaire.com and we'd be happy to make this a more personal experience.